Shopping Centre massages

In light of a recent article I read, I thought I would take the opportunity to comment briefly on having massage treatment at local shopping centres…

I have had a few of my patients come to see me after attending such a place, because unfortunately they were now in more pain than before they went in to have the massage! Just be careful with these places, because there are many that don’t actually have formal qualifications to practice massage. Usually too, (apologies, as I am not intending to offend anyone here…) these places are run by people who don’t have the best English & therefore, either can’t ask you about your history, or simply just neglect it all together.

So please, be aware of these places & ask to see proof (in the form of certificates etc.) if in doubt of their qualifications. If they can’t, or won’t, produce a certificate or the like, go elsewhere. Additionally, if you are in quite some pain to begin with, you are probably better off having it checked out by a physio first.


– Allyson