About Us

The Physiotherapy Centre Ivanhoe has been operating since 1994, with its humble beginnings in a little shop-front on Ivanhoe Parade. Physiotherapist Sarah Cutland co-owned the practice for nine years before adopting full ownership in 2003, and five years later moved the practice into its current location at 71 Marshall Street, Ivanhoe.

We currently have a number of physiotherapists with varying specialities available to help you, all APA accredited and with post graduate qualifications. We are also pleased to offer regular Group Exercise sessions to provide complimentary benefits to treatment and assist with recovery and maintenance.

The philosophy of the practice is to decide and prioritise what is important to you and to always live a balanced life.

We use a range of treatments to assess the individual. These may include one or more of the following:

Hands on physiotherapy may be used for relaxing, stimulating, stretching or warming muscles, changing how joints move, reducing swelling and facilitating a normal pattern of movement.

Exercises may be used to strengthen, stabilise and stretch muscles, move joints, improve posture or athletic technique or to help with vertigo.

Dry needling may be used to reduce irritability of muscles or for deep tissue relaxation.

Electrotherapy, traction or strapping might be used if required.

Insight into the causes of a problem, how to prevent recurrence and what to do if it does return are essential parts of treatment.

We want you not to need us!


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