Headaches can be caused by many things but most fall into three categories; cervicogenic (from the neck), tension headaches or migraines. You may suffer from one, two or all three of these at once. We will ask you about the pattern or timing of your headaches as well as their nature, area and intensity. We will then assess the neck joints and muscles to find any areas of increased tension. These areas need to be loosened and kept in the correct position to avoid recurrence, and a home exercise program may be required to improve the long-term outcome. If the area is very irritable we may use dry needling, ultrasound or traction to promote gentle release and improve movement. Medication may also be required.

We can also help with treatment for vestibular migraines. Vestibular migraines are where dizziness is more dominant than headache. Symptoms can include a spinning or rocking sensation, light or sound sensitivity and nausea.