Recurrent Pain


When your body is in pain some muscles turn off and stop working, whilst others work harder to move or protect the area. This is why you might have weakness and muscle tightness at the same time. If, in the course of recovery, the normal muscle balance is not restored, problems are likely to return. Exercises specific to your problems and activities are often required to avoid recurrent pain.

This is particularly true of the low lumbar area where the short multifidus muscles in the back and the transversus abdominis muscle in the front become inhibited with pain and do not automatically turn on again after injury. To prevent recurrence these core stability muscles need to be retrained. Specific exercises to strengthen these muscles can be taught and if required we will use real-time ultrasound retraining to show you when you are working the correct muscles. Pilates classes will allow you to strengthen the core stability muscles in a motivating group environment.