Mastitis 1

Most mums, unfortunately at some stage throughout breast feeding, will experience mastitis. However, most women are unaware that physiotherapy can quickly & effectively help relieve signs & symptoms of mastitis. And they do not need a referral! Physiotherapists can also provide breastfeeding mum's tips on how to self-manage signs/symptoms & help when future blockages re-appear.

It is a common belief that to have mastitis means you have an infection & that it needs to be treated with antibiotics. This is not always the case. There are many different signs/symptoms of mastitis;

  • Pain, swelling & redness, & the breast may feel hot to touch.
  • Hard, tender areas of the breast.
  • Blockage or restricted milk flow of 1 or both breasts.
  • Appearance of the skin of the breast may appear different than normal.
  • Possible ‘flu-like’ symptoms including: fever, body aches & feeling ill, which can be a sign of infection.

You can have some or all symptoms of mastitis, but not always an infection. The breast tissue is usually & simply inflamed. In this case, antibiotics will not help & other treatment modalities, such as physiotherapy & ultra-sound, should be undertaken.

Both Sarah and Tamsen are trained to treat mastitis. A mastitis patient will always be seen on the day they call!